If the will is an intrinsic part of the soul of every man, how is it that so many people go through life without a single definite act of “willing”? Doing what everybody else seems to be doing, fitting in with the crowd, seem to steer the course of the average man. (Karen Andreola)

Education is a Science of Relations (Charlotte Mason)

What is the best curriculum for a well-brought-up person? Be sure that your children each day have: Something or someone to love, something to do, something to think about! (Karen Andreola)

The life of the mind is sustained upon ideas. (Charlotte Mason)

There is much difference between intelligent reading and a mere parrot-like cramming up of contents; and it is not a bad test of education to be able to give the points of a description, the sequence of a series of incidents, the links in chain of argument, correctly, after a single careful reading. This divides the reading from a non-reading community. (Charlotte Mason)


Deutschsprachiges Grundlagenbuch über Charlotte Masons Bildungs- und Erziehungsgrundlagen Informationen

Freude am Lesen

Bücher sind Vorratshäuser der Gedanken, in denen wir die Ideen finden, die die Welt bewegen. Wir sollten den Kindern den Schlüssel zu diesen Vorratshäusern geben!

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